March 31st , 9-14 CET, Location at Un. Of Patras auditorium and online.

Moderators: Αndreas Kazantzidis (Un. of Patras), Stelios Kazadzis (PMODWRC)

Related projects: Metrology of Aerosol Optical property (EMPIR-MAPP), Harmonia COST action

Aerosols in the atmosphere play an important role on both climate and air quality. Aerosol measurements from different sensors and modeling is important as their effect on earth-atmosphere balance on a global scale is still quite uncertain, while they have effects in a number of other areas (air quality and health, atmospheric processes, aviation , solar energy etc).

The workshop aims to provide a training workshop on aerosol observations and effects including:

·             Measurement basic principles and global aerosol networks and global aerosol databases

·             Measurement sensors and standards

·             Aerosol effects and applications

We aim on an audience including students, MSc and PhD candidates and early post doctoral researchers with interest on aerosol observations, technologies, impacts and applications


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