Aerosol measurement improvement

WG2 Leader
Dr Monica Campanelli
Institute of Atmospheric Sciences and Climate (ISAC) of the Italian National Research Council (CNR)

WG2 Co-Leader
Dr Victor Estelles
University of Valencia, ES



WG2 aims at the establishment of a cooperation network working towards measurement improvement. In this WG data already stored in the datacenter of each international network of photometers, or of independent instruments, will be checked to find co-located sites providing the same optical properties with different equipment and method of analysis; Also, links with the metrology community (MAPP) will provide the opportunity to work towards reducing calibration uncertainties through standardization to a traceable system of S.I. units; In addition night time AOD data from previous and planned campaigns will be analyzed. Short Term Scientific Missions (STSM) will be used to achieve specific goals, such as data analysis and result interpretation.

In the framework of G2, a list will be created of existing field campaigns or experiments including daytime/nightime aerosol retrievals and low cost sensors and a database with data from existing networks (GAW, Aeronet, Skynet and Pandonia) and other independent instruments more suitable for performing intercomparisons.

An analysis of the collected measurements will be performed and presentation of the results on measurement improvements.

 MAPP metrology related results will be linked with HARMONIA

Machine learning and cloud computing approaches for data improvement and homogenization will be investigated