Sky over BerLin

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Aerosol Measurements Workshop

📅 Dates: April 8-10, 2024

📍 Locations: Berlin and Lindenberg, DE

🚀 Theme: Training on Aerosol Measurements (Sun Photometry)

📝 Registration Deadline: January 31, 2024

📢Organizer: HARMONIA COST Action

🏟Host: Deutscher Wetterdienst / Meteorologisches Observatorium Lindenberg – Richard-Aßmann-Observatorium and Freie Universität Berlin / Institut für Meteorologie

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Explore the Skies with Sky over BerLin!

We are happy to announce the “Sky over BerLin” Training School, featuring HARMONIA’s Aerosol Measurements Workshop, scheduled for April 8-10, 2024. This event is specifically designed for Post graduate, MSc, PhD and early post doc eager to delve into the intricacies of aerosol measurements. Dive deep into the fascinating world of aerosol measurements with HARMONIA’s specialized training. Our aim  is the convergence of knowledge and expertise in understanding atmospheric aerosols and the transfer of skills to new generations. Mark your calendars for three immersive days of learning and discovery. This unique opportunity will not only enhance your theoretical understanding but will also provide hands-on experience with real data. As part of the program, we will also visit meteorological observatory of Lindenberg (Deutscher Wetterdienst), providing participants with a firsthand look at state of the art instruments.

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Interactive Exercises

Observatory Visit

Instrument Tour

Hands-on Training


🌐 Travel Grants Available:

To facilitate your participation, travel grants are available for eligible attendees. (Funding: Up to 900 Euros). Seize this opportunity to be part of a transformative learning experience.

Don’t miss out on the chance to expand your expertise in aerosol measurements and contribute to the future of atmospheric science. Join us at Sky over BerLin and elevate your research journey.

See you in the skies over Berlin!

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Sky Over BerLIn is over

Sky Over BerLIn is over

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