GRASP is sponsoring our training school, Sky Over Berlin.

GRASP is combining algorithms, computer tools, ground instruments and payloads developed by researchers in the field of Environmental Sciences, Earth Remote Sensing and Ground Instrument Engineering, aiming to support green technology transition and assist decision-making in challenges of climate change, air quality and surface monitoring issues by providing an accurate characterization of Earth’s atmosphere and Surface.

The algorithm works under different conditions, also including bright surfaces like deserts, where traditional aerosol algorithms struggle with the reflectance that overwhelms the signal of aerosols. It is a highly versatile algorithm that allows input from a wide variety of satellite and surface measurements.

In this regard, the company plans to bring a synergistic approach by capturing real time MAP data from space and merging it with ground data and public model data, in order to bring highly informative data on aerosol retrieval, cloud interaction and climate change issues.

You can find more info at the website.