Industry engagement towards innovative hardware, software products

WG4 Leader
Dr Natalia Kouremeti
PMOD World Radiation Center, CH

WG4 Co-Leader
Dr Roberto Roman
University of Valladolid, ES

WG4 aims to create a hub among scientists and the industrial sector including instrument and software developers. The main aim is to demonstrate the possibilities of improvements based on synergistic and standardization aspects (WG1 to 2) and also inform on the needs of new technologies towards specific end user goals (WG3).

Identify new value-added products resulting from synergistic approaches. Create an assessment of current measurement uncertainties versus user needs and defining a road map towards future measurement improvements needed.

Establish a collaboration platform among scientists and instrument manufacturers aiming on instrument hardware improvement, linked with retrieval algorithms, towards improvement of aerosol retrieval accuracy.

Suggest software, hardware and other aerosol retrieval improvements including low sensors assessment and share the information with major industrial developers inside and outside HARMONIA network.